We are open! Snug Harbor Radio resumed public broadcast Feb 1, 2018.

This station plays a wide assortment of danceable international jazz. Its kind of a "reaction" to the much overplayed Smooth Jazz and Sax sound. We strive for balance in the jazz music world. Ratings don't drive us but a comment on Facebook gets noticed.

Our programming is a mix of modern, classic, Latin and international tunes chosen to keep you interested around the clock. At night we slow it down and play the romantic torch songs of yesterday. On Saturdays we play blues and Sundays we play Big Band in the mid day.

For a more detailed look at our programming bring up our "Listening Guide" tab selection on this page.

We were supporting an AAC+ stream for limited bandwidth listeners and will again at some future time but our new royalty reporting software does not support AAC+ service yet. Check back!

This station now pays performance and song performance royalties directly to SoundExchange, ASCAP and BMI. Song representation is in constant flux so we periodically check our play list to limit our content to that which is covered by our performance rights organizations (PROs). If we missed your song and it is represented by a different PRO please notify us and we will immediately remove the song from our song list.

Listening Guide Effective 2/1/2018


Please refer to the events calendar for the latest live talent booking information.

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